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Home Inspection Company in Houston, TX

We check all systems and items normally covered in an inspection PLUS

Home Inspection Company Houston


Thermal Imaging can detect water penetrations, that would be missed without the use of the technology. Protecting your investment in your home.

Missing insulation can be detected, where you are loosing valuable money in extra heating and cooling costs.

Potential electrical issues can be detected, preventing problems, and reducing the possibility of electrical failures.

Altimeters are used to measure your foundation at several places throughout your home to help determine if the foundation of your home is performing well.

Foundation Inspection Houston
Foundation Inspection Houston
Insulation Inspection Houston

Electrical Inspection Houston


Our drones can uncover things that are going on underneath your home.

And get a 360 view of your roof, to spot any problem areas.

  • Insulation Inspection Houston
  • Insulation Inspection Houston
  • Insulation Inspection Houston

And much more.

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